Hello Neighbor Search and Rescue

About the title

If you are looking for a new adventure packed with thrills and dangers, welcome to Hello Neighbor Search and Rescue. You have definitely met this evil personage in previous chapters, but new release is VR-based, making all events really breathtaking. So what is the story about? The man living next door to you seems to have kidnapped your friend. Now, you need to do all in your power to recheck it and save him. For this, you must wait till the evil neighbors leaves his house and sneak into it to explore everything! Sounds really scary, doesn’t it?

Solve puzzles and avoid traps!

The moment you step into this mysterious house, you will realize you are trapped too! Luckily, you are not alone this time – you are in the company of a few friends. All characters are playable now, and you can switch between them all with ease. There is an endless flow of puzzles and other challenges awaiting you here. You must think carefully which of the heroes will cope with each of them best of all. Use your wits to find non-standard solutions and move on. We bet, you will get a good portion of adrenaline during the walkthrough. Will you eventually manage to find clues to all the mysteries of this terrible place? Check it out now!

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