Hungry Lamu

About the title

Some games start in a very peaceful way and then, abruptly, turn into a real horror story. At first, you will find yourself in a picturesque garden. Your main character is a funny animal, Lamu. He wakes up very hungry one morning, and his only idea is to find some food and fill his stomach. So, this is your main task to help Lamu kill his hunger. Do not worry that you will fail this mission – the game is accompanied by a narrator who will give you clear instructions on what to do. You will need to find berries and other fruits for your hero. But soon, you will find out that some fruits are alive! However, it will not stop the hungry hero – he will simply kill them with a stone and in other terrible ways. Is this protagonist really positive? And one moment, the story will unexpectedly change – you will find yourself in a gloomy environment, where terrible truth is awaiting you!

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