Hello Neighbor Diaries

About the title

Do you love online games with plots full of risk and danger? Then you will enjoy Hello Neighbor Diaries! You will go through a true horror story in which your life is at risk every minute! Your hero is a new resident of the town, who wants to get acquainted with all neighbors. But one of them looks very suspiciously. What’s the matter with him? This is what you need to investigate! Let’s get started!

Find out what your neighbor hides!

You cannot get rid of the thought that the man is doing some terrible things. How to check it? There is no other chance than to get into his house and inspect everything there. This chapter of the game will offer you randomly generated levels. Every time, you will see a new house, with a new maze of rooms and corridors. Your task is to solve different puzzles and quests and find tips on how to get to the basement. But your opponent is very dangerous and set multiple traps around. Will you have enough logical skills to overcome all these trials and dig out the truth? Do not forget that you will bу playing against artificial intelligence. It will be extremely difficult to outperform it, so get ready to think out of the box when you are looking for the clue to a new task.

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