Barry Has a Secret

About the title

In this unusual game, you will play for Barry, a man who has a terrible secret. So what does he try to hide so skillfully? Barry loves to eat human meat! He usually eats at home, but one day, his dreadful meal time was unexpectedly interrupted. Suddenly, when the hero was just going to enjoy the next portion of his food, someone knocked at his door. It is the police! Somebody has reported that Barry is hiding something, and the officers came to check it out. Now Barry is in trouble! He needs to hide all evidence and traces as soon as possible. Nobody should find anything around. And the task of the player is to help Barry do it. You will need to study the house well to find the most inconspicuous corners. Also, do not forget to clean the stains of the blood as they will immediately attract attention. So do your best to whitewash your hero and save him from arrest!

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