Baby In Yellow

About the title

Some plots can surprise players with unexpected thrills and twists. But we do not talk about monsters and zombies. This entertainment will scare the hell out of you even without these evil creatures. Are you interested to experience everything? Then hurry up! The baby in yellow is waiting for you.

Are you ready to become a babysitter?

So, your role in this weird story is very simple – you will become a babysitter for a few days. Your place of work is a beautiful mansion, and you need to look after a baby in a bright yellow overall. Nothing seems wrong in the beginning, and the player may even get puzzled why this game is considered to be horror. You will start with routine things – prepare a bottle of milk for the baby, check and change his diaper in time, put him to sleep and play with him. Actually, you need to follow the instructions in the menu on what you should complete every day. Even if these tasks are very simple and do not require special skills, soon you will start noticing something strange. It looks like objects start moving on their own. You are sure you left milk in the fridge and you find it on the table. You remember well you switched off the light in the kitchen, but it is on again when you return. And the glance of the baby has also changed. Now he is staring at you in a very strange way. What is going on here?

Keep an eye on the baby!

You must not lose the baby from your eyesight. But no matter how hard you try, he will disappear one moment. You cannot explain how it could happen if you did not leave the room even for a second. Now, you need to act. You must find the baby at any cost. And it means you need to explore the house that looks creepy enough. As soon as you enter the first dark room, you will realize that the baby is more cunning than you thought. He had set a lot traps and obstacles for you. Now, you have to pass tricky quests and solve puzzles to find clues to this mystery. What secrets does this family hide? You need to complete all the missions to find out the truth. Are you smart enough for this?

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