Hello Neighbor 2

About the title

The first release of Hello Neighbor has gained unbelievable popularity. And the developers did not make us wait long with the continuation of the story. Are you ready to return to this thrilling adventure? Now, you will have even more unexpected twists, but the level of danger and risk will grow as well. But you are a fearless player, aren’t you? So let’s dive in this new challenge right now!

The investigation begins!

This time, all events unfold in a small town where your character lives and works as a journalist in a local newspaper. He is always after some thrilling news and events to attract a bigger audience. And suddenly, one story got him really interested. He learns about the disappearance of some people. The investigation did not bring any results and was stopped. So what had actually happened? Now, you need to join the hero and refresh the events. There should be some traces that were just overlooked. Who stands behind this mysterious event and what happened with the missing ones? You are determined to find out the truth. Where to start? The first thing is to look closer at your neighbors. They all seem to be hiding something! And it is your task to spy on them or sneak into their houses to see what secrets they guard.

Challenge the artificial intelligence

As you move along the gameplay, you will notice a strange personage. It will be a dark figure who will literally follow you on your heels, no matter where you walk. Who is that? Actually, it is your main opponent here, and he is powered by artificial intelligence. This character will analyze all your actions to find the algorithm and mislead you even more. Get ready to solve an endless flow of tricky puzzles and quests if you really want to put an end to this mystery. You should be very careful – any of the local residents can turn out to be a criminal. So it is better not to trust anyone as this is a high risk to get into a trap. Even if you fail and have to start this adventure from the very beginning – all the obstacles and clues will be now different and you will not be able to use your previous experience. Only your wit and logic can help you succeed.

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