FNF Hello Neighbour

About the title

The world of Friday Night Funkin keeps surprising its fans with new adventures! You know that the main character of this online game is Boyfriend who continuously takes part in musical contests. He is in love with a pretty girl. However, her father does not support this relationship. Daddy Dearest decides to challenge Boyfriend in a very weird way – the hero needs to show an excellent sense of rhythm. For this, he must participate in endless dancing duels with the most unbelievable opponents. And this game will bring a really dangerous antagonist to the dancing arena. It is the terrible neighbor from the famous horror series.

Outperform the evil neighbor!

You know well that this new opponent is powered by artificial intelligence. And it will be extremely difficult to treat him. But Boyfriend has no other solution – he must bravely trot to the stage and dance against this scary enemy. However, he definitely needs your help. So help the hero dance to the rhythm with no wrong moves. You will have to press colored arrows correctly and timely and match all the beats of the song. Watch your health bar to remain green until the final chord. If you win the duel, the evil neighbor will not be able to catch you!

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