Siren Head Horror

About the title

Are you a true thrill-seeker and in the mood for an encounter with a new monster? Then welcome to a new creepy story where you are concerned only with one desire – to survive! Are you ready to give it a try? The events unfold as you drive through the dark forest. But suddenly, your car stops. No matter what you do, it won’t move anymore. You have no choice but to continue your trip on foot. You have nothing to protect yourself, just a flashlight to make your way through the dark environment. Suddenly, you remembered the rumors about this place. People say some strange creature lives here. No one ever saw him but it looks like nobody could survive such a meeting.

Trick the monster and run away?

It is Siren Head that is terrorizing every living being here. This terrible creature is unbelievably tall and slim. And he has no head! Instead, you can see a siren attached with a wire. Unfortunately, no weapon can bring damage to your enemy. Everything you can do is run away from him. But it is better to act as carefully as you can and not attract his attention. Note that your enemy has excellent hearing and will immediately spot you once you happen to produce even the slightest sound. Will you manage to survive in this adventure?

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