Hello Neighbor 3

About the title

You will be happy to learn about new adventures in Hello Neighbor! This horror game is still not over. This time, the main hero has grown up! He lives in the apartment, but one day, he decides to move back to his old house. He finds out that the house in front of his is half ruined. But something still seems to be fishy here. Even if the hero tries to get rid of these thoughts, someone calls him at night and he hears terrible screams. It seems they come from his neighbor’s house.

Overcome your fear and explore everything!

There is no other choice but to go there and find out what is happening! Once you approach the place, you find out that the house is still there. Moreover, it became even bigger and more frightening. Now you need to get inside it and reach the basement. It seems that terrible sounds come exactly from there. It will be a real struggle as you will feel yourself trapped once you are inside. The evil neighbor is there too, and he will start his crazy hunt immediately. You will have to solve tons of puzzles and quests to get tips on how to move forward. Are you brave enough to find out the truth? Then pull all your courage together and accept the challenge!

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