Hello Neighbor

About the title

You cannot even imagine how many secrets people keep. Do you like such stories? Then do not miss Hello Neighbor. In this online game, you will play for the hero who suspects his neighbor of hiding terrible things. The guy has just moved into a new house and is trying to make friends with everyone around. But it seems that the man who lives in front of him does not support this idea. What is wrong with about him? You must take time and find it out!

Cool adventures begin?

At first, you are just spying on your neighbor from your window. He really seems to be behaving strangely. No one ever visits that guy, he has no pets, he disappears for long hours and then brings some big sacks with unknown contents. Can he kidnap people and imprison them in his basement? Your character has lots of questions, and he is determined to get some answers. But how to achieve it? There is only one method to find the clue. You should sneak into that house and check what that terrible person stores in his basement. But unfortunately, you have underestimated the antagonist. He knew well you were watching him and made enough arrangements to meet the uninvited guest. You will immediately understand you are trapped once you get inside. And now you need to think about how to survive and get out of this spooky place.

Will you trick the evil neighbor?

There are many puzzles waiting for you here. And you will need to solve them one by one if you want to find tips on how to move forward. However, there is one nuance that makes the walkthrough unbelievably challenging – you will be playing against artificial intelligence. It means that you will not be able to use tricks to deceive it. Every time you start the game anew, you will find completely new obstacles and trials. It makes the game endless until you demonstrate enough skills and courage. Your main task is still to reach the basement to see whether your suspicions have grounds or not. It will be a really thrilling adventure, and only the most courageous players have a chance to finish it successfully. Be sure you will go through an endless chain of thrills and jumpscares. So if you are looking for such emotions – welcome to Hello Neighbor.

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