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We all have neighbors but not everyone can tell for sure he knows everything about them. Some people keep terrible secrets. Do not you believe it? Then welcome to this thrilling entertainment. Hello Neighbor is a horror story that will make you go through lots of trials and jumpscares. Are you ready to give it a try? Your role is quite simple here – you just need to spy on your neighbor and try to find out whether he is really the person he pretends to be. So let’s go ahead? If you are fond of thrills and risks, you will not regret a minute spent on this great game.

Is your neighbor hiding anything?

You play for a young man who has just arrived in a new town and moved into a new house. Of course, the first thing he is going to do is to get acquainted with his new neighbors. He dreams of meeting new people and making friends with them! But the hero has failed when he tries to approach the man who lives next door to him. That guy intentionally avoids contact. What can be the reason for this strange behavior. The main character is too curious to ignore it. So he starts spying on his neighbor and soon, he is more than sure that he is hiding something in his house. But how to prove that his suspicions are not groundless? There is only one way to put an end to it – you must help him get inside that house and check by yourself whether everything is fine there. So the hero waits for a moment when the neighbor leaves, and sneaks inside his dwelling through the broken window. He does not know yet what a nightmare awaits him ahead!

Will you manage to get out?

You will soon discover that your neighbor is not so stupid as you thought! He knew well about your plans and prepared for your visit in advance. The house is literally packed with all sorts of traps and obstacles! Now your life is in danger too, unless you find a way to avoid them all and still reach the basement. You will have to explore everything around you – some objects may hide useful tips. Moreover, you must complete a lot of quests if you want to escape the meeting with your opponent. Do not forget you are an uninvited guest, and the enemy is just waiting for the moment to grab you and punish you! There are many thrilling puzzles you need to solve if you want to remain alive. Be very careful as the bloodthirsty owner is back now and is trying to find you. Look for the most inconspicuous places to hide when he is too close. And do not forget that your main aim is to find the basement! Good luck!

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