Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek

About the title

Welcome to a prequel of the popular Hello Neighbor series. This time, you have a chance to learn the tragic history of the evil neighbor’s family. If you take time and play this game, you will understand what exactly made that personage so cruel. You will find yourself in the house of the main character. Here, you will the family of Theodore – his wife and children. As the events unveil, the kids are playing different games that become more and more crazy. Unfortunately, soon, they will learn terrible news about the death of their mother in the car accident. But that did not stop them from insane interaction. Will it all end up successfully? Start the game right now to reveal all the secrets!

Complete all the missions!

You will find a lot of weird tasks in the game you need to complete. One of them is to find all plush toys that are hidden around the house. But at the same time, you should avoid your bother. He will put on a tiger’s mask and pretend to be a plush animal too. Once he approaches too close to you, it is vital to distract him. How can you do it? You can just throw a ball, and he will run after it, forgetting about you for some time. Step by step, you will find some fragments that will together make a picture of the real situation in this family. Examine the whole house carefully, visit all the rooms where any of the objects can hide something thrilling. After you learn more about Theodore, you will be able to find the reasons for his behavior in the other chapters of this horror series. Are you ready to start this adventure now?

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