About the title

Do you love stories that combine horror and survival? Then you should not miss Apeirophobia – a great adventure where you will meet a lot of creepypasta characters. So what is your mission in this game? Everything is simple – you will find yourself in some trap, and you need to get out of here. The exit to the outer world is well-masked, and it will be extremely difficult to discover it. Every new level will take you to a new location. In one of them, you will be finding an exit from an extremely complicated maze, in the other episode, you will try to survive in the flooded room. It is always a puzzle for the player to find all the clues and remain alive.

Lots of jumpscares are waiting for you!

In addition to the above trials, you will meet one more obstacle. You will never be alone in these spooky locations. You will instinctively feel that someone is continuously following you. And the intentions of these evil powers are far from being good. These dark entities will be literally crawling behind your back, waiting for the moment when you are helpless. It will be even more difficult to make the right choices when someone is spying on you. And you understand well that this invisible opponent will attack you immediately after you make a mistake! Will you survive or not? It all depends on your agility and logic. Be sure you will have to sweat a lot before you find a proper solution. Demonstrate excellent wit and leave all your enemies behind! Good luck!

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