Secret Neighbor

About the title

Meet an absolutely new episode in the popular Hello Neighbor series. The events unfold between the first and the second chapters of the original game. This time, an evil neighbor kidnapped a child and imprisoned him somewhere in his house. A group of kids is now going to rescue their friend. But for this, they need to get inside the house of the villain. If you have played this game before, you know well that it is going to be a real struggle as the place is packed with all sorts of traps and obstacles. A simple story quickly turns into a dreadful hide-and-seek game. And the best thing about this adventure is that you can play for a kid and for an evil neighbor!

What role to choose?

It is recommended to try on both roles to enjoy this entertainment to the fullest. If you decide to play for a child, then the antagonist will mask himself as one of you, and it will be thrilling play without knowing who is the real enemy. In this version, the villain will catch other kids one by one and throw them to the basement until no one is left. You should be very careful and pay attention to all the sounds to hide from your opponent in time. And if you choose to become a crazy neighbor, you will be hunting children until you catch them all! You will be able to use different tricks to mislead the kids. The main task is not to allow them to open the door to the basement. You will love both roles as in each case, lots of thrilling adventures and trials are awaiting you here!

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