Hello Neighbor Kogama

About the title

Do you love to have fun on the Kogama playground? Then you know well that it has become home to hundreds of different projects. You can find almost all genres here and your favorite games and interpret them in your own way. Alternatively, you can create your own entertainment and invite your friends or just random users to have fun together. This time, you will play Hello Neighbor on Kogama. You must remember the original plot. You play for the guy who moved to a new place. He tries to make friends with all the neighbors, but one of them avoids any contacts. What is he hiding? This is what you need to find out. For this, you must get inside his house when that suspicious man is away and inspect his basement. But you do not expect that the antagonist is not stupid at all and has prepared for your visit in advance. Now you are trapped here and need to solve many puzzles to get out of here!

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