PG Memory: Hello Neighbor

About the title

Have you played the thrilling Hello Neighbor series? Then you definitely know all the characters from this horror entertainment and remember the most spectacular scenes. This time, you will have a chance to meet all these personages again. However, you will not need to sneak into the house of the evil neighbor and risk your life. This new online game is just a puzzle that is inspired by that horror story. But it will need your ultimate concentration and attentiveness if you want to pass all levels successfully. Do you think it will be easy for you?

Challenge your memory!

You will play with the cards. All of them show the characters from Hello Neighbor. You will have to look at the cards position for literally some seconds and then they will be all flipped over. Did you remember well how they were placed? The first level will be simple enough as you deal with four cards only. But all the next level will add two cards more, making it increasingly difficult to recollect the initial placement of them all. Every time you click on two identical images, they will disappear from the screen. And your target is clear all of them. But you need to cope with the task within designated time. Besides, every wrong move will reduce this time. So be ready to act fast and precisely. Study the cards for some time and try to keep them all in your head to match them with no issues later. Join now to see how many levels you can manage without a hint!

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